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**Please note at this time due to the overwhelming amount of weight loss clients Dr. Canasi is booking weight loss consultations several weeks in advance**

Many weight loss centers offer you pills or put you on a fad diet with inconsistent results. At the Canasi Medical Institute you will have access to a board certified doctor who will create a unique weight loss plan targeted specifically for your needs. Dr. Canasi gets results like nobody else because he uses his training as an internal medicine doctor and applies that knowledge to his weight loss plans.

“No two patients are alike, that’s why no two weight loss plans at the Canasi Medical Institute are the same.” Says Dr. Canasi. “I will teach you the tricks I’ve learned and help give your body that extra edge you need to take the pounds off and keep them off, while putting your wellness first.”

Medical Weight Loss Center

The Canasi Medical Institute’s weight loss plan consists of a personal one- on-one consultation with Dr. Canasi. During that time he will assess your weight loss needs, and put you on a unique plan that will work for your body. Two weeks later we conduct a follow up appointment. By that point most patients have lost between 5-10 pounds. We ask that patients continue to follow their plan and come for their follow-up appointments every two weeks.

Healthy Weight Loss

Our weight loss plans aren’t based on gimmicks or fads. We get results because you are seeing a trusted, professionally trained doctor who assesses your specific needs and creates a plan that will not only help you lose weight, but make you feel better.

To make eating healthy easy for our weight-loss patients, we’ve partnered with Fresh Meal Plan.
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Watch Dr. Canasi discuss his unique weight loss theory and why his plan works so well:


Initial Consultation-$150

Follow up visits-$25

The Canasi Medical Institute does not accept insurance for our weight loss consultations.